Stitch or Suture Removal & Wound Dressing

All frequently asked questions for Stitch or Suture Removal & Wound Dressing

Keep the wound clean and dry. Clean the area carefully and pat dry. 
Be careful! The wound is still healing, so stretching it too much can make it open up again. 
Apply medications and ointments as directed. Our doctors are qualified and will be communicating with your surgeon to ensure your wound heals as well and fast as possible

All of our doctors are in communication with your surgeon to determine the best possible treatment for you. They will remove the sutures, provide after care and make sure you know what to do in the days following the removal.

It may increase the risk of infection and prolong your healing time.There will be increased scarring.

Healyo's highly qualified doctors bring all the necessary supplies with them, and any extra requirements are communicated well before the scheduled appointment.

If the wound has fully healed, then yes. If not, some stitches will be left in place and removed at a later date.

  • Fluid or pus coming from the wound.
  • Redness and swelling.
  • Reddish streaks in the skin around the incision. 
  • Fever, chills or increased pain.

You will feel some pulling, but it is generally less painful and faster than having stitches out in! Our skilled doctors bring skilled suture removal services to your doorstep - call today!

It is similar to stitch removal. A special instrument is used to straighten the staple and it is taken out. You may feel slight pressure and pulling.

After your surgery, you will be informed when the date of removal is. In general, stitches on the face and neck remain for a week, those on the arms and abdomen for up to two weeks and those on the legs for up to three weeks.

On the day of stitch removal, any kind of exercises should be avoided. The patient should be in comfortable clothing and should have had a meal sometime before the procedure.

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