Neck Pain Treatment

All frequently asked questions for Neck Pain Treatment

Not unless told to by your doctor or physiotherapist. If you require it after surgery or if you have instability, it will be prescribed to you.
Unnecessarily wearing the brace will weaken your muscles, worsening the pain and disability over time.

Reduce stiffness and improve range of motion with stretching.
Improve strength to reduce load on joints and help maintain posture.
Exercise produces endorphins, which are like the body’s natural painkillers.

Activities that force you to maintain a position for a long time, like typing or reading. Take frequent breaks.
Sleeping on your stomach.
Sports that involve rapid movements and changes in direction.
Sitting unsupported or in awkward positions.

If you experience severe symptoms, or symptoms that worsen over time and do not go away with time, seek immediate medical attention. If you have

  • Loss of sensation in your arms.
  • Shooting pains into your arms and hands.
  • Difficulty swallowing or speaking.
  • Pain accompanied by fever.
  • See a doctor immediately.

Sleeping on your back or side is best when you have neck pain. Use a pillow that supports the curve of your neck and allows your head to remain in line with your body.

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