Choosing Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy at home reduces the time and effort of traveling to the clinic, which is a relief when you are in pain. It also helps the physiotherapist to evaluate the environment of your home, and they can suggest modifications that will make moving around easier for you. You also get to recover in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Your family gets the opportunity to speak with your physiotherapist and ask them any questions which they may have.

After you submit your information in the form above, we will get in touch with you, and a phsyiotherapist will be assigned to visit you as per your convenience. You can also Contact Us on +91 9325609388

We aim to provide physiotherapy treatment at affordable cost. However, the cost per session varies depending on the assessment of patient’s needs, diagnosis and the treatment plan.

The benefits of performing exercises prescribed by a physiotherapist over self-prescribed are numerous. A physiotherapist is trained to diagnose medical conditions, investigate underlying causes, and design a treatment plan specific to the symptoms of the patient. Exercise performed under the guidance and supervision of a physiotherapist are safe, well-researched and helpful in recovery.
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