About Physiotherapy

Your physiotherapist will always remain within your tolerance while treating you. Some cases, such as post-surgery patients, will experience a little pain as they begin movement again, but this will subside as you progress. Some may experience soreness after the treatment session, but your therapist will teach you how to deal with this. 

The treatments will never be unbearably painful or worsen your condition.

Physiotherapy treatment helps people of all ages who have medical conditions, illness or injuries that limit their ability to move and function optimally. Supervised physiotherapy helps you:

  1. Have healthy joints with treatment for painful joints
  2. In some cases, avoid surgery
  3. Recover after a surgery
  4. Reduce or eliminate pain
  5. Recover from and prevent sports injuries
  6. Recover from stroke (paralysis treatment)
  7. Improve balance and prevent falls
  8. Manage women’s health
  9. Improve health and fitness post-partum 
  10. Cope better with age related issues

A Doctor’s referral/prescription is not mandatory to receive physiotherapy treatment. In case your doctor has recommended Physiotherapy to you, we can work closely with your doctor to optimize your care. Our Physiotherapists undergo intensive training, as per current international best practices, so that we have the necessary skills to examine, diagnose, treat and advise our patients. After an assessment, if there is a need, you will be guided for further investigations or will be referred to another medical practitioner.

A physiotherapist is a qualified, licensed healthcare professional who specialises in rehabilitation, or in the science of restoring function and reducing pain. A physiotherapist may be specialised to treat certain condiitons like Orthopaedic Physiotherapy, Neurological Physiotherapy, Geriatric Physiotherapy, Pediatric Physiotherapy, Women’s Health, Sports.

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