Healyos Rehabilitation centre at Poona Golf Course

In its bid to become recovery partners for budding sportspersons, Healyos has teamed up with the Poona Golf Course to launch a Golf Enhancement and Rehabilitation Center.  The center continues to receive an enthusiastic response from golfers. The club captain Mr. Lalit Chindarkar called it a ‘much-needed initiative that will surely bring out the best in our players’.

Mr. Ikram Khan, a senior golfer says, "Golf injuries can be very painful and can limit the functionality of the player if a player does not take proper treatment for it. Having a Physiotherapy center at the course will ensure timely and appropriate recovery from these injuries."


Sports physiotherapists from Healyos are stationed at this center, and provide their expertise and skill for the golfers to improve performance, prevent injuries and recover from existing injuries. They also conduct a thorough assessment of existing injuries in order to design an all-round exercise protocol for quick recovery.

The high-quality services provided by our sports physiotherapists at the center are:

  • Pre-game warm-up
  • Post-game cool down session
  • On-field first aid for musculoskeletal injuries


In addition to injury rehabilitation, as a part of the golf performance enhancement program, our sports physiotherapists conduct exercise sessions, consisting of a tailor-made protocol for the golfers at the golf club gym.

Club members can become a part of a 3-week or a 6-week, individualized program aimed towards improving their game by enhancing various aspects of their performance through complete fitness sessions. These sessions consist of the following:

  • Mobility
  • Strength & conditioning
  • Endurance training
  • Balance & stability training





Healyos is a leading home healthcare company delivering high-quality healthcare services across Pune and Navi Mumbai. Healyos has a far-reaching network of highly skilled and well-trained professionals providing the finest treatment to over 10,000 happy patients. Powered by Sancheti Hospitals, Healyos is one of the country’s highest rated home healthcare companies. Healyos was also the official recovery partner of the Professional Golf Tour of India (PGTI) Pune Open 2021 held at the Poona Club golf course in December 2021. Here, our sports physiotherapists provided on-field assistance as well as pre-game warm-up and post-game cool down for the golfers participating in the tournament.


Salil Bhargava, founder and chairman of Healyos, and an avid golfer himself, said, “I've seen the effect proper strength and conditioning can have on performance. A lot of careers in sports do not come to fulfillment because of injuries. It is here that physiotherapists can play a crucial role by becoming recovery partners for budding sportspersons."