Healyos presents
Complete Covid Care

For Home Quarantine and Covid Positive Patients

Guidance - Management - Recovery

In The Comfort Of Your Home

The Complete COVID Care Program  is our comprehensive new program for holistic COVID-19.


This program aims to help you overcome the infection at home, while protecting your loved ones from the risk of transmission. 

What is the Complete COVID Care Program?

A dedicated, customized program developed to help you manage and recover from COVID-19 at home. Built by experienced doctors, it offers guidance regarding required tests and investigations, answers all your queries and doubts, and provides a structured treatment schedule and medication regimen in consultation with COVID care experts. 

With the addition of specialized chest physiotherapists to optimize your recovery and nutritionists to help  bolster your immunity, the Complete COVID Care Program offers 360 coverage of all your health consultation needs during this trying time.

Your Healthcare Team Members:

  1. A panel of physicians experienced in COVID care.
  2. Chest and cardiovascular physiotherapist.
  3. Nutritionist.
  4. A complete behind-the-scenes team to take care of logistical issues such as scheduling and booking.

What Does The Plan Offer?

  • Dedicated, personal guidance from the doctors over the entire period.
  • Daily monitoring of vitals (blood oxygen levels, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, body temperature).
  • Nutritional guidelines.
  • Laboratory findings and analysis.
  • Radiology findings and analysis.
  • Chest physiotherapy sessions.
  • Identifying typical and atypical presentations of the infection.
  • Customized care-giving pathways.
  • Analysis of previous medical conditions, if any, and their effect on treatment.
  • Information and guidelines about how it can be transmitted to family members via asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic patients.
  • Knowledge on how to prevent transmission and protect members of your household.
  • Clinical management and findings.
  • Information regarding risk factors associated with illness severity.
  • Prevention from reinfection. 

COVID-19 can be defeated using evidence-based techniques guided by the hand of experience. Knowing when to get tested, what treatment to follow and the precautions to take can make a world of difference to you and your family. Catching it early means we can treat it before you infect those near and dear to you; it also means a better survival rate, faster recovery and less severe long-term effects.

Healyos endeavors to become your partner through this pandemic and hopes to protect, guide and manage you towards a holistic recovery – all in the comfort of your home.


Corporate Tie-ups


Team of Doctors Specilised in Covid Rehab lead by


Dr. Rashida Melinkeri

Designation: Associate Consultant Physician & Lipidologist

Departments: General Medicine

Qualifications: DNB (Internal Med)

Area of Focus: Internal Medicine



Dr. Sachin Melinkeri

Designation: Associate Consultant 



Call us today at +91 762 0100 590  to understand how we can partner with you and your family throughout your healing and recovery. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which organs are most affected by COVID-19?
COVID-19 infects the upper respiratory i.e. the nose and throat and the lower respiratory i.e the windpipe and lungs regions of the human body